What can Medcomp offer
your business or practice?

In the modern economic climate, all businesses are looking to streamline their processes and reduce unnecesary expenditure. We offer a host of different products and services that attempt to do exactly that.

For your Medical Practice

One of the most important software packages that any practice will purchase will be their practice mangement/claims processing suite. With the MedEDI claims processing system our clients possess the capability to process medical aid claims in Real-Time and get immediate responses detailing the amount payable by the patient. Currently our friendly in-house support team provide any and all assistance to our client base of over 350 practices in the Southern Cape alone.

Another software suite that is starting to gain traction in the industry is that of Electronic Health Records. Developed in South Africa for the local industry and sporting many industry leading features, Practice Perfect assists in streamlining the consultation and the practice workflow. Gone are the days of a misplaced file and welcome to the future of the more effecient paperless system.
These two software suites combine to form the backbone of a modern medical practice.

For your Business or Home

Innovation Indeed

Cloud Data Backup

Medcomps Cloud Backup solution can keep all your data secure and up to date with daily automated backups.

IT Hardware and Software

From computers to routers, Medcomp supplies quality hardware to suit any need or want.

Voice over IP systems

With lower call rates and per second billing, it is easier than ever to move to a VoIP solution.

Alternate Power Options

We supply reliable power systems from inverter battery systems to full solar installations.

Broadband Connections

Looking for someone to assist with your home or business internet? We can offer connections ranging from ADSL to Fibre.

Website Hosting and services

Let us assist in designing your website. We can host your new or current website and setup and host your emails.


Latest additions

Cloud hosted Virtual machines

Medcomp helps you save on maintainace costs by hosting your MedEDI and practice perfect installations in the cloud.

Bureau services

Seamless capturing , claiming and follow-ups on behalf of the medical practice to ensure increased turnover and decreased overheads.

CCTV solutions

With our worldclass CCTV systems, you can easily keep an eye on your premises even when you're away.

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